Medical waste Incinerators

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  • we can supply medical waste incinerator 30-400kg/hour

  • EA-20  incinerators with the burning  speed 10-20kg per hour

  • EA-30B  incinerators with the burning rate 20-30 kgs per hour

  • EA-30  incinerators with the burning rate 15-30kg per hour

  • EA-50  incinerators with three stage burning, burning rate 30-50 kgs/hour

  • EA-100  incinerators with three stage burning, buring  rate 60-100 kgs/hour

  • EA-150  incinerators with three stage burning, buring  rate 100-150 kgs/hour

  • EA-300 Incinerators with three stage burning chamber, burning rate 200-300kgs per hour

  • EA-500 Incinerators with three stage burning, buring rate 300-400kgs/hour