FA-6A Medical waste Shredder

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The machine can destroy used plastic medical item into small pieces, and destroy speed is about 120-180kg per hour


FA-6A rapid speed shredder can be used for shredding various kinds of materials so that to reduce  

the volume by 85%.

Material include:

This machine is designed to destroy all kinds of used medical plastic disposal such as plastic utensils, syringes, test tubes, ELISA plate, dish, dilution cup, straw, tip, urine cup, pill bottle and medical used needle, small glass bottles and so on. it is durable and safety and with good structure. It can destroy the medical disposal plastic into small pieces, so that to avoid the reuse and the volume of transportation of waste by 85%. 

Features and options:

Safety protection

safety voltagelow voltage on the

operation panel.

Electric Leakage protection, with air switch;

Over voltage and over current


Interface safety voltage;

With failure indicator;

Emergency stop function;

Stainless steel body and

resistance to breakdown;

With earthing conductor;

Automatic shaft Reverse function

When over feeding, Automatic shaft Reverse

function will protecting against damage .


High Speed technology

Efficiently process durable fed,,though to shred materials.


Avoid the risk of infection and re-usd

it is used to destroy used plastic product so

that to avoid the risk of infection and re-usd

and reduce the volume .

Parameter for FA-6A

Destroying method

Electric high speed cutting

Product size


Crushing capacity


Power supply

380V,50Hz, three phases power supply

Internal protection

overload protection , leakage protection


Thermal hypersensitivity protection,

Interface voltage

Safety low voltage on the operation panel.

Output power


Material of shell

Stainless steel


in operation:-5°C~+50°C  stored:-20°C~+55°C

Relative humidity


Waste collector

1pc of Waste collector

Number of knife



High speed motor.

Low noise

60 - 70 dB (A)

Operation Panel