FSD-319 Syringe Burner

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This equipment can destroy various size of used syringe needle and syringe body and hub in 3 seconds. 


Needle and syringe destroyer for hospital, clinic, diagnostic laboratory for infection control. 


Size: 280*150*200(mm)  ,

with ABS body cover                                           

power:80 watt

Works on 220V -240V/ 50Hz/60Hz power supply   


Lightweight, portable and compact design 
The needle used, when inserted into a destroyer, is burnt within 2 seconds 

The syringe hub can be cut easily by a sharp blade by pulling the handle 

Low energy consumption 

Removable  waste drawer for easy disposal of ash hubs and needle syringes 

With a saw blade which  drove by a motor, it can be used for cut the hub as well. 


 1. needle burning

 2. syringe tube destroying

 3. syringe hub cutting