Medical waste transportation container

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Medical waste transportation container, 20Liters, 40liters, 60liters, 100Liters available

Model and parameter


Product  Name        Model Volume        Size
20L medical waste container    FA-C20L     20L L420*W235*H285mm
40L medical waste container
    FA-C40L     40L L480*W260*H345mm
60L medical waste container     FA-C60L     60L L570*W330*H415mm
80L medical waste container
    FA-C80L     80L L635*W380*H450mm
100L medical waste container
    FA-C100L    100L L670*W410*H410mm


1.Material: plastic of PP
2.The collecting bins can be re-used .
3 be used for medical waste transportation

4. with 6 wheels
5.Color: Yellow ,orange, blue, green available.
6.with the printed warning mark of medical waste;

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