FA-G1100P 1100 Liters waste bin

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FA-G1100P   1100 Liters galvanised steel waste bin with with powder finish


Technical Specifications for Metal Waste Container of 1.1 m3 Capacity.
1- (1.1) M3± 5% suitable for waste manufactured according to EN-840
2- Empty weight: 118kg ± 3%
3- The whole container (body and cover) is Galvanized sheet with powder finish
4- The container has a curved shape lid (cover) manufacture of high quality
molded metal plates with two springs for easy use.
5- The cover slip automatically during discharge of the garbage.
6- The cover supplied with rubber strap to protect the hands of the users.
7- The cover has three stages of movements for opening and closing.
8- The cover welded by Co2 and the arms will be assembled to the cover by screws.
9- Wheels: each container has four heavy-duty solid wheels of (200) mm
diameter, rotated 360o for easy movement; two of them have foot break.
10- Drainage hole: at the bottom of the container there is drainage and cleaning
hole covered by plastic.
11- Container Thickness:
The plate used:
Body Thickness 1.5mm Cover thickness 1.25 mm
Lid Arms thickness 3.00 mm Wheel base thickness 4.00 mm
Tolerance ± 0.2 mm
Color can be made on basis of customers' requirement
12-Warranty:one year on the container and two years for corrison resistant                         13. Size:1380*1020*1450mm                                                                                         14.pedal availalble