FA-BWP1100L 1100L waste bin with pedal

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Receptacle, waste , wheeled, step-on, 1100 liters 


1100L medical waste bin/medical waste trolley/spill control bin

Receptacle, waste , wheeled, step-on, 1100 liters 

Model: FA-BWP1100L


Step-on wheeled trash can

Material(s): high density polyethylene

•Application: Biohazard Waste

•Capacity (Volume):  1100 litres

•Approximate Dimensions :

Width: 135cm

Depth: 105cm


•Color(s): yellow/green

•Shape: Rectangular

Hazardous waste label included.

High resistance to UV radiation

With 4Solid rubberwheels, two with brake

Optional of metal lift bar

N.W.: 57KG±5%  

EN 840 Standard

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